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2010, Crushed

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By Drew Scott Swenhaugen / 503

On “2010”
Fuck you, I fucking love Best Of Lists. I’m gonna sum it up for you. Here’s what crushed fucking hard this year.

On “books”
Flowers by Paul Killebrew (Canarium Books)
Do you hate poetry? I do too, mostly, unless it is something so amazing & confusing that I beg for more. Fucking read this.

On “music”
“Bombay” by El Guincho

Tyte, ryte?

On “cities”
Portland v. Seattle : Seattle wins this year. Because of this man.

On “drank”
Oma gosh.

On “art” or “philosophy”
Hennessey Youngman. Brilliant.

On “catastrophe”


See you next year!



‘The Wind’ Releases 2x Album

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For 5 years Southern California quartet ‘The Wind’ has churned out West coast surf rock that is both operatic in its scale  while staying entrenched in a modern interpretation of vaudevillian creativity & story telling. During those 5 years we were only given Histor EP to tide us over. That time is behind us however & the boys have finally released the double album of sunshine dipped rock that I’ve been waiting for, Harum Scarum.. If you missed the train a while back, get caught up with disc 1, on the house.

Long have the members distilled their musical selves, and you can hear it. The bold concepts in the villainous monologue ‘I’m a Liar’, the playfully psychedelic ‘Astral Dance’, or fantastical opening track ‘Shellwhite’ both please & surprise (samples here). Beyond concepts, the songs swell effortlessly into matured harmonies and seamless arrangements that crash and subside with authority. Don’t pass up 23 tracks of these great tunes to help you float through winter staying warm & flying high.


Protected: ‘& Unto Us a Strain is Born…’

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